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Church of the Temple

Church of the Temple
816 Main Ave., St. Maries, Idaho 83861

About Church of the Temple

Affiliations through the Church of the Temple are welcomed with every true believing Christian. There are abundant boasters and claimers of salvation, few, as attested by Christ’s own words, will be true. Many scholars have written volumes; the Word itself is the book you should turn to. Wisdom can be found in man’s writings, but only the wisdom God imparted. The Holy Scripture is complete. Preachers, pastors, scholars, leaders of men, they are not sufficient. As Paul correctly referenced in I Corinthians Ch 1, we are not to follow after men, but after Christ-God. For this reason this church is Christian in doctrine and faith. It is not a follower of men. The tenets of belief are found unerringly in the authorized word of God as provided in His scripture.

Bible as authority:
The Bible has been re-written, its authority usurped by money handlers, deceivers, those attempting to enslave a people, and those desiring power for themselves, or corruption of the Word of God for that purpose alone. Incalculable are mislead, deluded, and deceived, but even this is truly with want. Countless are those that willfully reject God out of convenience; that is to say with desire for what man offers. God’s word as originally inspired and later translated with every intent, by God, to maintain His Will for succeeding generations is recognized as present in what we know as the Authorized Bible. The last century has seen a multitude of translations and revisions. Dr. Ross, as Pastor here at the Church of the Temple, will be glad to delve deeper into this and other topics that you may have questions regarding. The website is not able to convey all of the specifics, the details, the nuance of whole Bible understanding. Personal discussion can be a start, but more important is the God motivated reading and understanding of the Word. If you desire His will, ask God to enter your life. Christ is the path that will allow this. Pray, this means just talk to God, genuinely, earnestly and sincerely. God will then move your heart.

Dr. Dale Ross

Formal Learning:

Dr. Dale J. Ross

  • Assoc. of Science, Bachelors of Science Microbiology, Bachelor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Doctorate of Medicine, Dartmouth
  • Ordained Christian Minister

Disclosure: Dr. Ross is also the founder of Rawhide Health PLLC and carries tenets of belief consistent with those as expressed at his practice and on his website .

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